POLATOM has secured delivery of I-131 pharmaceutical products during planned maintenance of MARIA reactor!

Dear Customers,

POLATOM makes every effort to guarantee production and delivery schedules of our I-131 pharmaceutical products. We are not stopping nor slowing down our production and contractual obligations for the planned maintenance of MARIA reactor.

In accordance with announced earlier plans MARIA reactor will be shut down for period of September 2022 – February 2023. This is regular maintenance of reactor facility and it will not affect our production capacity. Deliveries of our I-131 products for the aforementioned period had been already planned and secured. We do not plan any major changes of delivery schedules and minor adjustments are promptly published on our web site. We advise our clients to consult with the production and delivery schedule in order to plan the therapeutic procedures accordingly.

Rest assured we are fully prepared to satisfy our clients’ needs and to maintain the same level of our production and quality of our logistic services.