The Laboratory of Radioactivity Standards of the Radioisotope Centre POLATOM is a competent metrological laboratory in Poland calibrating radioactive solutions of a-, b- and g- emitting radionuclide with use of absolute measuring methods. Calibrated radioactive materials are being made available to users in the form of radioactive standards. Absolute measuring methods worked out in the laboratory and unique systems for the measurement of radioactivity make it possible to produce many types of radioactive standards.

In 1999 the President of the Central Office of Measures established the National Standard of Radionuclide Activity in RC POLATOM. It is obligatory for the LRS to make available the National Standard to any user and to compare to it all secondary standards.

Scientific activity of the Laboratory of Radioactivity Standards of the RC POLATOM is focused mainly on the following topics:

  • working out absolute methods of the radioactivity measurement, especially with applying the liquid scintillators technique (LSC),
  • working out the production technology of radioactivity standards,
  • working out the spectrometric methods of measurements of radioactive impurities in different materials,
  • maintenance and development of the National Standard of Radionuclide Activity.

Competence of Laboratory of Radioactivity Standards is being confirmed by the participation in international comparisons of measurements of the activity.


Our product range includes radiopharmaceuticals, radiochemicals, radioactivity standards and sealed radiation sources. We offer a broad selection of services and workshops, and training.

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National Centre for Nuclear Research, Radioisotope Centre POLATOM is manufacturer and distributor of the isotopic goods applied in medicine, research and development, industry and environment protection.


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