Our offer is unique because of the specific branch of radioisotopes application. Operating range of NCBJ OR POLATOM includes:

  • Application of nuclear technologies
  • Production of radiopharmaceuticals, radioisotopes, nuclear devices  and isotope preparations
  • Development of technologies for radioactive materials and radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine
  • Development of methods involving radiochemistry and metrology of ionizing radiation.

  Our main aim is to satisfy the needs of nuclear medicine, science, industry and all other the fields where the radioisotopes are applied. We want to take advantage of our experience and knowledge to be innovative and reliable. We constantly increase our competence to meet in professional way requirements of our partners. We exert ourselves to keep the leader position in Polish radiopharmaceutical science and increase competitiveness abroad. We support the development of innovative radiopharmaceuticals and others products that consist of radioactive isotopes. Employees of  NCBJ OR POLATOM are engaged in work appreciating the most important worth of human life which is THE HEALTH.


We would like to connect a 50-year-experience with the newest trends in radiochemical technologies, in order to maintain leading position in isotope production and to fulfill the highest requirements of our customers.


Our product range includes radiopharmaceuticals, radiochemicals, radioactivity standards and sealed radiation sources. We offer a broad selection of services and workshops, and training.

About Us

National Centre for Nuclear Research, Radioisotope Centre POLATOM is manufacturer and distributor of the isotopic goods applied in medicine, research and development, industry and environment protection.


The high professionalism of our company has been confirmed by a number of certificates including GMP for radiopharmaceutical production.