Okres ważności: 

28 days after reference date.
Shelf life of the kit is 1 year.
The radiolabelled product should be administered within 8 hours of preparation. Radiochemical purity and stability data of preparation refer to this time at a temperature below 25°C.

Warunki przechowywania: 

Store in a refrigerator (2°C - 8°C).
During transportation (not longer than 7 days) up to 35°C.
Expiry date is given on the label.
Shelf life after reconstitution and labelling with sodium pertechnetate (99mTc) solution: up to 8 hours at a temperature below 25°C in a suitable radiation lead shield.
Storage should be in accordance with national regulations for radioactive materials.

Postać farmaceutyczna: 

Kit for radiopharmaceutical preparation.
Lyophilisate for solution for injection.

Skład jakościowy i ilościowy substancji czynnych: 

1 vial contains:
methylenediphosphonic acid   5 mg
as the sodium salt   6.25 mg

Wykaz substancji pomocniczych: 

Stannous chloride
Ascorbic acid

Rodzaj i zawartość opakowania: 

10 ml multi-dose glass vials sealed with a  rubber stopper and aluminium cap in cardboard box.
3 vials
6 vials

Wskazania do stosowania: 

The radiopharmaceutical 99mTc-MDP is intended for skeletal imaging utilizing radioactive properties of technetium-99m and the affinity of methylenediphosphonic acid to hydroxyapatite crystals which form inorganic structure of bone tissue.
Indications for scintigraphic examinations using 99mTc-MDP are as follows:
● detection of metastatic foci in skeletal system;
● imaging of altered bone metabolism in primary bone tumors;
● imaging of bone inflammation;
● imaging of post-traumatic lesions;
● imaging of rheumatoid lesions;
● imaging of aseptic necrosis;
● diagnosis of soft tissue diseases, eg. myositis ossificans;
● examination of repair processes in damaged bone tissue.
Use of the radiopharmaceutical for the aforementioned purposes enables precise localization and assessment of lesions extent.



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