National Center for Nuclear Research POLATOM Radioisotope Center is a Polish producer and distributor of isotope preparations used in medicine, science, industry and environmental protection. POLATOM Radioisotope Center offers:

Products for nuclear medicine

For diagnostic and therapeutic needs:

  • ready-made radiopharmaceuticals, used in cancer therapy and in the treatment of benign thyroid diseases;
  • technetium scintigraphy kits used in oncological diagnostics, intended for imaging of: kidneys, liver, bile ducts, spleen, heart, bones;
  • labeling precursors;
  • radionuclide generators 99mTc;
  • accessories necessary in Departments of Nuclear Medicine.
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For research purposes – GMP:

  • DOTATATE – pharmaceutical form

For scientific and research purposes – GMP compliant: 

  • PSMA-11 for labeling
  • Ascorbic acid

Products for science and industry

For the purposes of science, technology and environmental protection, we offer

  • a wide range of radiochemical reagents;
See our offer of Radiochemicals Reagents
  • closed sources for radiography and industrial automation;
See our offer of Sealed Radiation Sources
  • standard solutions and standard sources for the calibration of electronic measuring equipment.
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Imported products

The quality of products and services is a key parameter for the evaluation of the POLATOM’s work. In order to meet the requirements of our clients, POLATOM has implemented a number of quality standards confirmed by certificates of independent auditors.

POLATOM imports:

  • radiopharmaceuticals, in vivo and in vitro diagnostic kits, radioactive preparations, biochemical and chemical reagents, biological materials, sealed radiation sources;
  • measuring and shielding equipment, equipment for nuclear medicine plants, including control and measurement sources for SPECT and PET cameras.

POLATOM provides services in the field of installation, repair and inspection of selected radioisotope devices and conducts the calibration of radioactive activity meters.