RC POLATOM offers the following services:

1. Import of selected products and equipment, including:

      • import of radiopharmaceuticals, in vitro diagnostic kits, radioactive materials, biochemical and chemical reagents, biological materials and products classified as dual-use goods,
      • import of measuring and shielding equipment, equipment for nuclear medicine plants.

2. Logistics:

Freight forwarding services:

      • import and export organization of air and road transport of radioactive materials,
      • licensed road transport of radioactive and fissile materials in any form (hazardous materials in class 7 in accordance with the European ADR Convention) in Poland.

Road transport of other hazardous materials (excluding class 1), as well as road transport outside the territory of the Republic of Poland requires prior agreement.

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3. Service of isotope equipment, including:

      • loading / unloading of sealed radiation sources,
      • inspections and repairs of the devices containing radioactive sources and other industrial and medical devices intended for use with radioactive nuclides.

4. Measurement and research concerning:

      • quality control tests of isotopic medicinal products, scintigraphy kits for labelling with 99mTc and radiochemical preparations,
      • HPLC purification of preparations and development of analytical methods.

5. Service and measurement of radioisotope control and measurement equipment:

The LRS has implemented and maintained quality management system compliant with the international standard ISO/IEC 17025. Confirmation of technical competence as a calibration laboratory’s accreditation certificate awarded by the Polish Centre for Accreditation in December 2008.

Laboratory of Radioactivity Standards as accredited calibration laboratory (accreditation no. AP 120) offers following services:

        • calibration of dose calibrators with ionization chambers,
        • measurement of radioactive solutions with primary and secondary methods,
        • measurement of radioactive point sources,
        • measurement of radioactive control sources for use with dose calibrators,
        • measurement of radioactive area sources,
        • measurement of radioactive multigamma solutions and sources.

Outside accreditation scope LRS offers following services:

      • analysis of radionuclidic composition and determination of radionuclides activity in different materials.
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6. Activation services

      • irradiation of target materials in MARIA reactor.

7. Research services:

      • radiochemistry (non-standard radiolabelling of peptides, proteins, antibodies, nanoparticles),
      • preparation of radiopharmaceuticals under aseptic conditions,
      • pharmacy (development of active substance production methods, development of quality control methods, chemical analysis, cell line studies,
      • production of sealed radioactive sources, encapsulation and classification studies of sealed radioactive sources,
      • in vivo studies of radioactive preparations in mouse and rat animal models (optical imaging: fluorescence, bioluminescence, Cherenkov radiation.
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