Strontium chloride 89SrCl2 – solution for injection

strontium chloride 89SrCl2

37.5 MBq/mL – solution for injection



Strontium chloride 89SrCl2 – solution for injection (code: MSr-1) will remain in production until the end of July 2024.

The last production day is planned for July 31st 2024.

Therapeutic indications:

Strontium chloride 89SrCl2 POLATOM is indicated for the palliation of pain from bone metastases. The best documented use of strontium chloride-89 is in case of osteoblastic or mixed metastases from prostate cancer and breast cancer, it can also be used in cases of other tumorus resulting in osteoblastic (scintigraphicaly “hot”) metastases to the bone.

Bone scintigraphy is recommended prior to Strontium-89 chloride therapy. Most common indication for strontium chloride is the treatment of pain in patients with multiple disseminated metastases (chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, treatment with analgesics including narcotic drugs), who have not responded to previous conventional therapies).

Qualitative and quantitative compositions:

Strontium-89 chloride 37.5 MBq/mL.

Strontium-89 is a pure beta emitter with an energy of 1.492 MeV and a half-life of 50.5 days.

Pharmaceutical form:

Solution for injection.

Clear, colourless solution.

List of excipients:

Strontium chloride

Sodium chloride

Water for injections

Posology and method of administration:

Strontium chloride 89SrCl2 POLATOM is administered as a single inravenous injection in a dose of 150 MBq activity in about 4 mL of the solution. Alternatively in particularly heavy or light framed patients a dose of 2 MBq/kg ‘fat-free’ body weight may be used. This dosage is suitable for the elderly. Patient’s hospitalisation is not necessary.

In case of recurrent pain a repeated administration of the radiopharmaceutical may be applied. Repeat administrations should not be performed within 3 months of the previous injection to reduce the risk of cumulative effects. Further administrations are not indicated in patients who have not responded to the previous administration. The product is not for administration to children.


For detailed information on dosage and method of administration please refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics.

Shelf life:

28 days after reference date.

Special precautions for storage:

Store below 25°C. Do not freeze.

Storage should be in accordance with national regulations for radioactive materials.

Nature and content of container:

The immediate packaging is a glass vial 10 mL of volume closed with a rubber stopper and aluminium cap placed in a lead container. The vial contains solution in a volume corresponding to the activity determined on the day of the calibration.

For detailed information about this product please refer to the Summary of Product Characteristics or Information for the User.

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