Medicinal products are manufactured according to GMP requirements. The products have all required by law permissions for manufacturing and marketing authorizations. You will find medicinal product information in Summary of Product Characteristic. The product is delivered to a customer in agreed time. Regarding availability of the products you may check the Radiopharmaceuticals Availability Schedule or contact us directly.


  • Radiochemicals reagents
  • Sealed Radiation Sources
  • Standard sources and solutions

High activity sealed radiation sources meet requirements of the applicable standards and are delivered in certified transport containers. Radiochemicals are supplied in proper transport package. For information regarding availability see product catalogue or contact us directly.

Each radioactive product is dispatched in proper transport package, which includes also shielding containers. Some of the accessories facilitate administering of the radiopharmaceuticals to the patient. See accessories for information regarding shields and transport containers.

  • Accessories for NMD


In addition to our own production Radioisotope Centre POLATOM deals with distribution of some other isotopic products for domestic market. We import radiopharmaceuticals, radiochemicals, radiation sources, isotopic devices and goods for special applications.